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Save Money, Look Cool: 3 Tools for the Savvy Entrepreneur

As someone always on the lookout for smarter, slicker ways to hit my business targets, I've seen my fair share of 'revolutionary solutions' being peddled my way. Sound familiar? It's like every day a new gadget or gizmo is promising to be the panacea for all our entrepreneurial woes.

Amidst this cacophony of pitches, I've stumbled upon three stellar tools that genuinely deserve a spot in the modern entrepreneur's arsenal. Think of them as the Swiss Army knife of the business world—versatile, indispensable, and incredibly budget-friendly. These aren't just tools; they're your allies in carving out more time for what truly matters, both within the walls of your venture and in the grand adventure of life outside work.

1. HiHello: The Art of Digital Networking

Perfect for those moments when someone asks for your card, and you've just handed out the last one to a barista in a random coffee shop. HiHello is the digital solution to your networking woes. This app isn't just about going paperless with your business cards; it's about revolutionizing how you manage your contacts. And while they do offer paid plans (and I do use the 1st tier paid plan), their free plan is incredible and gives you so many options, it's almost unbelievable! (Plan pricing info is available at this link - see for yourself!). My spouse uses the free version, and it more than meets his needs!

With HiHello, you create personalized digital cards that you can share with anyone, even if they don't have the app. It's a fantastic way to ensure your small business stays connected in an increasingly digital world, without the added cost of constantly printing new cards. Plus, it's an excellent conversation starter about sustainability and innovation—traits that mirror a forward-thinking company culture. We've all business cards over the years, but everybody has their phone handy, especially at networking events.

Along with revolutionizing business cards, you can also generate cool email signatures and digital backgrounds for Zoom, etc. And that's all on their free plan! I wish I got a commission for this app, I've referred so many people to them. I LOVE this app!

2. StickerMule: Stick Your Brand Everywhere!

There's something inherently delightful about a workspace adorned with custom stickers. It's a silent yet vivid proclamation, "We're not just any team; we're a team that values creativity and camaraderie." StickerMule steps into this narrative with a solution that's as practical as it is playful. Offering high-quality, customizable products with low minimums, their service is so exceptional, you might just find yourself penning thank-you notes or, at the very least, contemplating a holiday card in their honor.

But the magic of StickerMule doesn't end with stickers. Their customizable products include custom packaging, coasters, signs, buttons and more — everything you need, at prices you will love. Regular deals and promotions make their offerings irresistibly accessible, allowing you to experiment with their products without committing a fortune. Their design assistance ensures that what you envision in the digital drafting room is precisely what you unwrap upon delivery, with shipping that's as reliable as sunrise.

And when it comes to crafting unforgettable moments for those pivotal client engagements, StickerMule isn't just a resource—it's my secret weapon. Whether I'm orchestrating an intimate workshop or commanding the floor at a bustling conference, the flexibility to dial in my order size without compromising on the wow factor is nothing short of revolutionary. I love being able to order swag that speaks directly to the heart of my client’s needs — that's customization on a whole new level.

My clients? They're blown away by the sheer quality and personal touch of each item, a testament to the power of thoughtful branding. And as for the affordability, let's just say my budget has never felt more appreciated. It's the kind of win-win scenario where sterling value dances hand in hand with unrivaled excellence.

And let's be honest—who can resist the charm of a well-crafted sticker? It's a small token that can turn any object into a story, a memory, or a statement. With StickerMule, you're not just investing in promotional items; you're investing in a piece of your brand's identity, one that sticks (quite literally) in the minds and hearts of your audience.

3. Postoplan: Your Social Media Genie

Last but not least, I have tried several different apps and platforms over the years, and this one has been a real game-changer for me. Postoplan acts as your social media genie, granting you the wish of time. Time to focus on your business, time to engage with your audience, and time to think of witty captions that don’t sound like they were written by a robot. It’s the tool that lets you plan your social media strategy with the precision of a chess master, minus the need to wear a pensive expression all day. Whether it’s a product launch, a seasonal promotion, or a thematic content series, Postoplan puts you in the driver's seat, allowing for seamless synchronization of your messaging.

The platform’s intuitive interface simplifies the complexities of digital marketing, making it accessible to all, regardless of their technical proficiency. With Postoplan, scheduling content becomes a breeze, freeing up your calendar to focus on other critical aspects of your business. You can batch-create content when inspiration strikes, schedule it across multiple social media platforms, and then watch as Postoplan automates the distribution at the optimal times for engagement. For me, I love having the flexibility to post on social media when the inspiration strikes, but I also love the peace of mind that comes from having consistent engagement with my network of awesome humans.

Innovate, Impress, and Invigorate

These three tools are more than just cost-saving measures; they’re your allies in showcasing your business's innovative spirit. They say, "Look at us, keeping up with trends and technology, all while saving a dime!" As you weave these tools into the fabric of your daily operations, remember that innovation isn’t just about having the latest gadgets; it’s about finding smarter, more efficient ways to connect, brand, and engage. Now it's your turn! What awesome, budget-friendly tools make your life better? Let's grow together as we navigate the wild world of the modern workplace!


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Thank you Sarah - a friend recommended HiHello earlier this month and it slipped my mind until this post! Can't wait to check out the other two tools as well


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