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What is
"Organizational Inflammation"?

Consider an organization, like your company, as if it were a living organism, with interconnected and specialized systems.


Where an animal might have a respiratory, gastrointestinal, skeletal, or circulatory system, a company might have Supply Chain, Manufacturing/Production, R&D, Facilities, Finance, and so on, where each plays a unique but interdependent part in the overall well-being and functioning of the company.


Unbalanced, over-engineered, inefficient, or misaligned processes can cause "Organizational inflammation".

Inflammation is a natural response to threats.  The pain needs treatment - and so does the cause.  That's where I come in with coaching, training, and our popular Stress Triage workshops, available in formats (1 hour, 2 hour, half-day or 3-day) designed to suit your organization's specific needs.

If your company is showing symptoms of Organizational Inflammation, let's chat.  Every situation is unique - there is no "Over The Counter" remedy that's guaranteed to help. Your teams deserve to be able to do their best work, in an environment that supports them on their journey. We can get them there, together.

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