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Gratitude Power Hour

Perfect for:

  • Leadership Retreats

  • Team-building events

  • Professional Development Days

  • Management Training

  • Onboarding Activities

  • Conference Mixers

  • Social Events

  • Anyone with a pulse



  • ​Understand how gratitude works at both a personal and organizational level

  • Learn novel ways of approaching gratitude and new ways of bringing it into your life (personal and professional)

  • Discover new ways of using gratitude to build stronger connections and drive organizational excellence

  • It's FUN!



When's the last time somebody said "thank you!' to you? When's the last time you said it to somebody else? How else can you experience gratitude? The Gratitude Power Hour isn't a webinar or a lecture, it's an interactive experience that will challenge you to think about gratitude a little different than you are used to.

With challenges, thought-provoking discussion, and opportunities for personal reflection, you'll have a chance to dive deeply into this powerful practice of gratitude. Previous participants describe the experience as "heart-healing", " powerful connecting" and "WOW! Unexpectedly joy-filled!" After all, Gratitude is Better Together.

Give me an hour. I'll give you a new outlook on life.

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