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5 Appreciation Languages in the Workplace

Transform your Professional Development with customized options designed to meet your team's unique needs​


Elevate your team's dynamics with our engaging workshop, designed to unveil the transformative impact of appreciation in the workplace.


As a certified facilitator and expert in workplace gratitude, Sarah Ratekin guides you through the practical application of the 5 Languages of Appreciation.​This interactive workshop not only enhances team morale and cohesion but also empowers leaders and employees alike to create a culture of genuine recognition and gratitude. Ideal for teams of all sizes and configurations, including remote setups, this workshop is your pathway to a more motivated, connected, and productive workplace.

Standard Workshop Options
All workshops include access to the  Motivating By Appreciation (MBA) Inventory 

Need support demonstrating ROI to your leadership? Download our flyer and pave the way for bringing this transformative workshop to your team!



Our Committment

We believe that your team deserves an experience as unique as their Appreciation Languages!  If you'd like to bring the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
to your organization, contact us today to get started crafting a bespoke experience
your people will never forget. 

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