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Some of my faves!

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StandOut Assessment

I have found the StandOut assessment created by Marcus Buckingham to be incredibly useful for individuals working on teams. And check out the teen resource, too!

Reviewing Reports at Desk

Yale's "Science of Wellbeing" Course

If you are interested in wellbeing, and especially how happiness is a part of our wellbeing, this is a wonderful (FREE) resource. Dr. Santos is an excellent instructor and this course is filled with information and insight. 

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There are a number of excellent free resources on this website that can help you take control over your own experiences. (They have a paid version too, but the free options are great!)

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Action for Happiness

The team at Action for Happiness has created incredible resources for anyone seeking more happiness in all aspects of life. Books, printables, even a smartphone app! Amazing!

Image by Stan B

Greater Good Magazine

This website is published by Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center and is chock full of articles, information, and tools for both understanding and increasing happiness in our lives.

Image by Don Shin

The Happy Secret to Better Work

This TEDTalk by positive psychologist Shawn Achor completely changed the trajectory of my career, and I often reference it in my work with clients seeking more positive work experiences. 

Filming a Presentation
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