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About Sarah

Sarah Ratekin, DBA
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Introducing Dr. Sarah Ratekin: Leaders and organizations seeking to enhance employee engagement, workplace experience, and organizational performance, meet Navy veteran and seasoned expert speaker, consultant, and author Sarah Ratekin who leverages her passion for employee experience and workplace culture to revolutionize the way teams understand, connect, and achieve success. Prepare to embark on a journey that will transform your team and unleash excellence like never before!

Meet Our Speaker and Consultant: In a world where complexity and distractions can be overwhelming, Sarah cuts through the chaos and creates actionable strategies based on your team's unique skills, needs, and motivators. With a career path less traveled but always centered on the human experience, her professional roles have spanned span a wide variety of industries including the government sector, small non-profits, large multinational organizations, and everything in between. Along the way, one truth became glaringly apparent: No matter what your company does, the experience of your people will drive the success (or failure) of your mission.  The quest to shape powerful workplace cultures has continued to fuel her unwavering drive for excellence, authentic empathy, and an insatiable curiosity that views the world through an innovative and creative lens, embracing the challenges of transformation for the force multipliers they truly are. 

Unraveling Complexity with Ease: Decades ago, our expert discovered a superpower – the ability to translate complicated subjects into easily understandable and actionable insights. Complex software, academic concepts, and governmental processes become straightforward and, dare we say it, EASY.. Sarah thrives on opportunities to personalize those conversations, tapping into the inherent uniqueness of every member of the organization to create next-level excellence.

 "Happiness is a gauge, not the goal!"


Harnessing Happiness and Gratitude for Success: As the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of Happiness Is Courage LLC, Sarah is an unapologetically radical positivity activist. She also understands that cognitive well-being, happiness, and gratitude are not just feel-good concepts but powerful drivers of personal and professional resilience and organizational performance. By translating the science and data behind these principles into practical programs, she takes teams out of survival mode and ignites their ability to thrive sustainably.

The Power of Research and Education: Armed with a Doctor of Business Administration, a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership, and an MBA, Sarah's expertise is rooted in academic excellence. Her research on mindfulness and organizational performance sets the stage for evidence-based strategies that deliver real results. Sarah's approach is data-driven and human-centered, recognizing the complexity of a workforce that spans an increasingly diverse population and building on the resulting opportunities for improving both workplace experience and outcomes alike. 

Sharing the Joy of Laughter and Positivity: Sarah and her spouse Kris (also both certified Laughter Yoga leaders) travel extensively to spread the joy and power of laughter and positivity. Whether engaging with community organizations, non-profits, or corporations, they understand the universal human connection that drives success. Uniting passions with purpose is the key to unlocking limitless potential, and they work to ensure everyone has fun along their journeys.

A Message from the Heart-land: Currently based in Indiana, Sarah's container gardens are not the only thing flourishing. Her speaking engagements and workshops have spanned North America, empowering groups from 1 to 6000+ to embrace their strengths, ambitions, and relationship goals. Whether in person or virtually, Sarah is ready to bring her transformative expertise to you.

As you look to elevate your organization to new heights, turn to the accomplished speaker and consultant who can translate complexity into simplicity, unleash the power of resilience and gratitude, and ignite true human connection within your teams. Get ready to unleash excellence like never before and embark on a journey of empowerment, growth, and success.

Take the first step towards excellence today! Contact us to book Sarah for your organization's next transformative experience. Together, let's unlock your team's full potential and soar to new heights!

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