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Speaking Love  

Do you want to know what really makes your partner feel loved? Have you ever become discouraged because your expressions of love seem unappreciated? Is your partner well-intentioned, but you just aren’t feeling loved the way you want to be? 

  • Length:  2 Hours

  • Audience: Individuals or Relationship Partners

  • Format: Group or Individual/Private Session

Don’t worry! You and your partner don’t need to have the same “native” tongue. What matters is that you learn to speak the language your partner (or future partner) hears.

Based on the work of Dr. Gary Chapman (, we'll first determine everyone's love language (pro tip: even if you've done this before, we all evolve over time... you might be surprised!)

We'll also look at how to say "I'm Sorry" so that everyone's needs are met and we can move forward without resentment, anger and hurt feelings holding us back.

You won't need a "Love Translator" after completing this workshop, so schedule your session today!  

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