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Explore ValorWorks' targeted workshops, designed to enrich your talent acquisition strategy.


Discover how these workshops can help your company capitalize on the unique skills and resilience of military-affiliated talent, enhancing team diversity and driving business success.


Join us to transform your recruitment approach and integrate highly skilled, loyal employees into your workforce.

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Free Resources

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SHRM offers a free Veterans at Work certificate program focusing on the benefits and challenges of hiring veterans and military spouses. Click the link to access this free training.

Have more questions about SHRM or want to connect with a local chapter?  Here is a link to do just that!

Ready for Parade

 Boots to Boardrooms:
Veteran/Military Talent Pipeline Strategy Workshop

  • Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Focus:

    • Partner Engagement: How to establish and maintain connections with local and regional partners such as American Legion, VFW, and VA offices to create a supportive hiring ecosystem.

  • Benefits Overview: Detailed explanation of the benefits of hiring veterans, including leadership skills, technical expertise, and tax incentives.

  • Talent Recruiting Roadmap: Step-by-step guidance on developing a strategic approach to recruit and integrate veterans into the workforce. This includes identifying key roles where veterans could excel, setting up veteran-specific recruitment events, and creating a veteran-friendly workplace culture.

Ready for Parade

Homefront to HQ:
Military Spouse Talent Pipeline Strategy Workshop

  • Duration: 2-3 hours

  • Focus:

    • Partner Engagement: Techniques for working with military family support centers, local community groups, and online platforms where military spouses are active.

  • Benefits Overview: Insights into the unique flexibility, resilience, and diverse skill sets that military spouses bring to the workplace.

  • Talent Recruiting Roadmap: Strategies for developing job postings that appeal to military spouses, flexible work arrangements, and policies that support the transient nature of military life. Also, guidance on how to create spouse-friendly hiring practices that acknowledge gaps in employment or varied work history.

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