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How Can I Help You?

Whether seeking short-term solutions to immediate issues or focusing on projects with broader impact, I'm here to help.  Contact me today to discuss 
Operational Infrastructure

Is your organization outgrowing its current structure?  Have you shifted directions and need a new org chart to reflect the shape of your company's vision? Strategic operational design can pay huge dividends and allow for improved employee engagement and productivity!

Change Management

Most people don't enjoy change.  It creates chaos, instability, and organizational change can create a real hurdle for you and your employees.

Allow my extensive experience managing both the technical and soft impacts of organizational change take the sting out of change management. Whether you're planning a major overhaul of your business or just need a little support during a temporary transition, let's develop a change management plan that will support you during and after the transformational process.


Process Optimization & Documentation

Are your processes cumbersome or overloaded with archaic procedural left-overs from the distant past?  Do you hear "That's how we've always done it" when you try streamline or update your workflows? 


Maybe you have a short-term process documentation need, or need forms or other documentation. Whatever your technical writing or business documentation needs, let's chat!

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a journey, not a quick fix, but there are a number of ways you can see rapid improvement in your organization. 

We'll figure out the root cause(s) of disengagement and low morale, and begin creating spaces where employees feel like valuable and respected members of the team!

Short Term Project Management

Even small projects benefit from the accountability and robust analysis that are the touchstones of good project management. 


Whether your project is small enough to track in a spreadsheet or needs more formal work breakdown management, let me take care of the planning and oversight so you can focus on getting the job done! 

Strategic Solutions & Business Coaching

Have a unique business need that could benefit from skilled strategic analysis? 

I have decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and organizational structures, and I'm happy to put those skills to work for you!  Let's talk about where you see your organization going, and how to reach, and exceed, those goals!


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