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Creating a Vision for Your Relationship

  • Length: 3 Hours

  • Audience: Individuals or Relationship Partners

  • Format: Group or Individual/Private Session

We enter relationships with visions of what we expect it to be, based on our own dreams, values, wants and needs.... but do you know what your partner's vision is for the relationship?  Does it match yours?  How can you be sure?


Creating a shared Relationship Vision allows you and your partner to focus on achieving your mutual goals and getting the results you both want from your relationship.  We'll identify your Relationship Non-Negotiables, and take a deep look to ensure you're also being a good match for your own dream relationship!


You'll develop a Vision Statement to guide you as you move further into your Dream Relationship, and  find greater fulfillment and joy as you continue your journey through life together.

Not currently in a relationship?  You don't need to have a partner to craft your own vision! This workshop will help you clarify and articulate your goals, hopes, and vision for future relationships, so you can more easily communicate that to future potential partners, and avoiding miscommunication, hurt feelings and frustration right from the start. We'll also look at ways you can safeguard your dreams by being the best possible version of yourself. Would you want to be with you?  Let's make sure!

Contact us for more information or to schedule a session!

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