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Magic Beans for Sale

"I hate black-eyes peas but I choke 'em down... One of these years it'll bring me good luck!"

I had this thought this morning, having watched my social feed fill with comments just like this throughout this first week of the year, and having lived in regions where this practice is sacred I know I'm putting myself in the hotseat but...

If you've been eating <whatever> for New Year's for decades and your luck still sucks.... MAYBE... just maybe... the food isn't the issue. ;)

Maybe it's sticking with "How we do things around here" that's actually preventing you from disrupting the dysfunctional patterns and establishing new, better, more effective and more enjoyable ones.

One of our family traditions is seeking out something we've never tried before and figuring it out. Food, music, travel, we do this for lots of aspects of life. It doesn't always end with pure delight, but it DOES always lead to new ways of thinking about stuff, which in the long game actually does lead to more delight, so that's winning in our books.

So if the black-eyed peas or cabbage or whatever isn't working for ya... maybe try something new. Who knows... you might just find that luck you've been hoping for.

(PS: This is true for business, too. If you're still doing stuff the same ole same ole... well..... I have some magic beans for sale?)



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