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About Sarah

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Sarah Ratekin has taken the career path less traveled, and that breadth and depth of experience fuels her unwavering drive for excellence (both her own and others), authentic empathy, and an insatiable curiosity that allows her to see the world through an innovative and creative lens.


By day, she’s the Chief Happiness Officer at a global corporation. A radical positivity activity, she’s also the owner of Happiness Is Courage Inc., sharing her message of hope, happiness, and gratitude as avenues to greater personal and professional resilience and well-being. She has spoken at conferences across North America, facilitated numerous workshops on workplace excellence, and worked with groups from 1 to 200+ to discover and embrace their personal strengths, ambitions, and relationship goals.

A Navy veteran, she holds a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership and an MBA and is currently pursuing her doctorate researching the intersection of positivity and organizational performance.  She has been featured on dozens of podcasts speaking on the power of happiness in the workplace and in life and is the author of Silver Threads, a positivity and gratitude journal.

She and her spouse Kris, a certified Laughter Yoga leader himself,  travel extensively sharing the joy and power of laughter and positivity with organizations of all sizes and industries.


In their downtime, they enjoy exploring the outdoors (usually by kayak), dancing, and general merry adventuring!

Sarah currently lives in Indiana with Kris, their youngest two children, multiple pets, and a truly astounding collection of garden gnomes who keep watch over her ever-expanding container gardens.

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